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Kids Menu

Kids Plates

Age 12 and Under

Simple Fried Rice 9

jasmine rice, egg, house soy sauce

Kid's Chow Mein 6 | with chicken or beef add $4

egg noodle, sweet soy sauce

Buttery Noodles 6

egg noodle, butter

Crispy Honey Chicken 12

served over egg noodles or choice of rice

Kid's Teriyaki Bowls 12

choice of rice, broccoli & chicken or beef

Star Sliders 9

all natural beef, toasted King's Hawaiian bun

Flat Iron Satays 12

plain grilled flat iron steak, served with ketchup and choice of rice

Ninja Roll 9

cucumber, avocado, nori wrap


Sodas 3

Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite / Ginger Ale / Root Beer

IBC Root Beer 4

Lemonade 3

Whole Milk 3

Shirley Temple 3

with realcherries